How I work

My counselling core training stems from the Relational Approach. This counselling approach integrates insights from different philosophical perspectives and psychological theories – Existential and Humanistic Approaches, mainly Person Centred and Psychodynamic approaches and Objective Relations and Interpersonal Theory. The focus of my counselling approach lies on relationships, which are central for people to become fully functional individuals.

As a practitioner, I will be offering you a relationship based on the values of empathy, genuineness and authenticity. I will

    • be an attentive listener

    • be open to a real encounter with you

    • show authentic responses being aware of the impact I am having on you as a client

    • respond with deep empathy, as well as offer gentle challenges

    • offer you unconditional positive regard (not judging, but accepting and understanding)

    • tolerate the uncertainty of the unknown

    • be aware of differences

    • keep clear boundaries.

By consistently offering these qualities as a practitioner I offer a different relational modality, which is a reparative relational experience. On our initial session we will discuss the issues that you would like to work on in counselling counselling as well as my way of working so as to ascertain if my modes of working suit your needs and expectations. If by the end of the first meeting, we decide we can work together, then we will move on to agree upon practical aspects of the therapy (time session, length of the counselling, cancellations and holidays).

Areas of counselling I deal with

    • Abuse

    • Adoption Issues

    • Anxiety

    • Bereavement

    • Depression

    • Domestic Violence

    • Gender Identity

    • Low self-Esteem

    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    • Relationship Issues

    • Self Harm

    • Sexuality and sexual identity issues

    • Stress

    • Trauma

    • Work Related Issues

    • Impact of Migration and Displacement: Acculturation Process, Identity Adjustment, social and cultural integration.