How I work

My counselling core training stems from the Relational Approach. This counselling approach integrates insights from different philosophical perspectives and psychological theories – Existential and Humanistic Approaches, mainly Person Centred and Psychodynamic approaches -mainly Objective Relations and Interpersonal Theory. The focus is on relationships, which are central for people to become fully functional individuals.The Model entails a way of ‘being’ of the practitioner based on values as empathy, genuineness and authenticity. There are key qualities attached to the ethos of this way of practicing counselling. To

* offer attentive listening whilst being self-reflective,

* be open to a real encounter with the ‘other’,

* show authentic responses being aware of the impact

on the client,

* respond with deep empathy, as well as offer gentle


* offer unconditional positive regard,

* tolerate the uncertainty of the unknown,

* be aware of differences,

* keep clear boundaries.

By consistently offering these qualities to the client/s as a practitioner I offer a different relational modality, which is a reparative relational experience.

I embraced the Model and adhere to its principles because it provides a solid frame to my clinical practice and allows me to establish ‘good’ therapeutic relationships in both short and long term work!

On an initial session we will discuss the reasons that you would like to bring for counselling and my way of working as a counsellor in order to ascertain if we can work together. If that is the decision that we reach towards the end of the session, then practical aspects of the work will be agreed ( time session, length of the counselling, holidays, cancellations).